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Lucky Block Mod for MCPE

Allocca Zekin
4.3 out of 5
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About Lucky Block Mod for MCPE

The lucky block mod adds a new block type, which will be displayed with a '?' question mark, which can be broken. Once broken can produce very diverse effects, get an unique and special object, constructions and even monsters.

To make a lucky block gold ingots are used. If you have a good amount of gold ingots, you will enjoy this mod a lot. Use your gold to turn it into lucky blocks and break it, to see what happens. You may get legendary items.

If you have a lot of gold, build a block adding a lot of luck to a maximum of 100, and then you can get many better things safely. Repeat the process to get more legendary objects.

This block offers infinite possibilities to MCPE. Each time you break the lucky block will have a different effect, so you will never end the surprises!

It can generate a great diversity of things: many items of different types (even legendary), mobs (like giants or Ender Dragons), special entities like fireworks, or structures of all kinds.

The best way to use your gold is to create blocks of luck (lucky block) and not in tools or equipment such as swords, armor, shields, etc. Create lucky blocks and enjoy.

This is a mod for Minecraft, requires Minecraft Pocket Edition to work.

This is NOT an official Minecraft product, and is NOT affiliated with Mojang AB in any way. Consult the appropriate usage guidelines at

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