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About Attractiveness Test

How hot am I? Let Artificial intelligence analyse a photo of your face and find out how attractive you look. This beauty test learned to mimic how a human would rate the attractiveness of others and outputs a score on a scale between 1 to10.
Furthermore, this app also predicts your age, gender and more just by analysing a photo of you. Backed by state-of-the-art Deep Learning and computer vision algorithms.

Why try this test?
- Find out how attractive you are perceived by others
- Get insights into your facial features
- Find best pictures for social media and dating apps
- Figure out how old you look in photos
- See what is possible with Artificial intelligence
- Find your celebrity look-alike

Before installing, please keep the following in mind: This app is designed solely for entertainment and should not be used as a genuine measure of someone's worth or attractiveness. Every individual is unique, and true beauty is multifaceted and subjective.

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