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About Kids App Lock: Parental Lock

Does your toddler refuse to give the phone back? Do they start crying, ask for more time, throw a tantrum, and it's literally a battle to get the phone back every time? Do you have to get angry to get the phone back? Then Kids App Lock is here to help save the day!

Easily monitor your child's device usage, address digital wellbeing, monitor app and web activities, and allow apps that are used by kids.

Kids App Lock smartly and discreetly shows fake low battery messages, phone calls, angry momma bear messages, police sirens and more to help the toddler give the phone back with a fight, tantrum, or without you having to get angry. Imagine the possibility - What if your kids gave you the phone back at the set time you specified? Could you really get the phone back without a fight? Yes, and Yes! Win-win for both parents and kids.

Whats-more, Kids App Lock even smartly restricts all apps on the device when activated. When you activate Kids App Lock for Kids, all you have to do is select the apps you want to allow for your kid, and the rest of the apps will automatically be blocked. You no longer have to worry if your child will accidentally open another app while using your phone or tablet.

Kids App Lock is intended for kids between the age of 2 and 7 and aims to help parents to get the device back without a fight. Download Kids App Lock today and help keep your child's relationship with technology safe, healthy, and wholesome.

Kids App Lock is created by parents, for parents. We promise you'll never have to get angry to get the phone, but we hope to save you from a few by using Kids App Lock. :-)

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