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About SafeDating: Background Check Y

Say “goodbye” to creepers, cheaters, and catfishes! SafeDating is your essential tool for background checks for dating apps. The majority of dating profiles are packed with lies. Wouldn’t you like to know the truth? From Bumble to the bar, you can background check almost anyone on the go.

Did you know that approximately 51% of dating app users lie on their profiles? Or that 42% of people on dating apps aren’t even single? With SafeDating, you can learn the the truth in minutes and say “sayonara” to bad dates!

With a SafeDating background check, you can:

🙅‍ Find criminal records
👋 Expose cheaters
🎣 Catch catfishes
🤑 Uncover assets
👩🏽‍🎤 Explore mutual interests
🧟‍ Find real photos and birthdates

Here’s how it works:

🚨 Criminal Records 🚨
In just five years, reports of sex crimes linked to online dating have risen by 450%. If someone has a violent or disturbing criminal record, you need to know about it before you ever get face-to-face. With unlimited reports, you can make sure your friends and loved ones are dating safely, too.

🐍 Cheating 🐍
A cheater might not tell you that they’re taken. But you could find out by uncovering real social media and dating profiles. You might even find out that your date is sharing their address with someone. Spouse or live-in GF/BF? Busted.

🤥 Lie Detector 🤥
Do you suspect that someone is lying to you? Forget those phony lie detector apps — learn the truth right now. The most common lies told on a dating profiles are age, height, weight, job, and income. Find real photographs, a date of birth, employment history, and even assets, bankruptcies, and liens on SafeDating.

🐟 Catfishes 🐟
Unfortunately, dating apps are filled with catfishes. These people use fake photographs and identities to scam potential partners for money … or just to be mean. Does your online date feel too good to be true? Find out if they are who they say they are.

💰Uncover Assets💰
Does your date claim to be a millionaire who drives a Porsche? With a background check, you could learn that they filed bankruptcy and are driving an ancient Corolla. Love don’t cost a thing, but bragging and lying are relationship red flags.

🕵️ Look Up Their Ex 🕵️
Are you their type? Known associates may appear in background reports ... like their ex. What’s on their Instagram? Where do they work? Does your date have a type, and are you it? We won’t tell your search subject that you searched for them, so snoop to your heart’s content!

🤯 Background Check Yourself 🤯
With so many dating profiles, social media accounts, and photographs on the internet, your digital footprint is huge! Background check yourself to see what others could find out about you. It’s a great way to easily manage your online reputation!

With SafeDating, it’s easy to look up almost anyone. Search by:
Phone number
Email address
Mailing address

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