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Emoji Keyboard

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3.7 out of 5
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About Emoji Keyboard

✓ Adjust the size of the keys
✓ Keyboard Font selection
✓ Includes a "Clipboard"
✓ "Undo"/"Redo" mechanism
✓ Navigation arrows
✓ Adjust the size and spacing of the emojis screen
✓ Plenty of themes
✓ Typing sounds
✓ Personal photo as the keyboard background (Premium users)
✓ Change the typing sound and vibration
✓ Select the favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard
✓ Dictionary settings
✓ Settings of typing and display
✓ The newest emoji of 2022

● Swipe the space-bar from side to side for switching between languages.
● Long press on the "Enter" key to get into the Emoji keyboard settings.
● Long press on any key for additional characters.

Emoji Keyboard Screenshots