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SWECIL offers Southwestern Electric Cooperative members a broad range of account management and outage notification tools. Using SWECIL, members may:

Check daily, weekly and monthly usage

View and pay bills

Set up and update payment methods

Receive usage alerts and payment due notifications

Send and receive power outage notifications

View the cooperative’s interactive outage map

Update contact information


Check daily, weekly and monthly usage
View graphs of your power usage for a date range you specify.
View & Pay Bills
View your balance and due date for each of your accounts, manage your payment methods, update your payment information, and view your billing history, including pdfs of past bills.
View Account Information
Select the account info icon to view a list of your accounts, complete with due dates and balances. You can select a specific account from the list to make a single payment or sign up for push notifications for that account.
Manage Alerts
The Alerts option allows you to manage Alerts and Reminders you’d like to receive on your mobile device.Alerts and Reminders can be configured for each account and on each individual mobile device.
View and Report Outages
You can report an outage directly from your mobile device and view outages on our outage map.
Contact Us
You can contact Southwestern Electric Cooperative directly from the app via email or phone, and stay connected via our social media accounts.

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