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About Math Puzzle Game - Math Pieces

About Game
Math game.
More than 200 different levels.
Four different levels
1) Beginner
In a game basically uses Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication,Division.
So it’s looks simple ,but as much as you play more you will get how much hard it is ?

Challenge Mode
Finished the given level before the end of time.
New 50 levels in challenging mode.

Math Number Puzzle
New 800 levels.

Two Mode
Challenge Mode
Normal Mode

Fill the box of number and make equations.
Easy to play hard to master.
How to Play ?
Take a block of numbers from bottom & make correct equation.
Make a correct equations to complete puzzle.
Use hint when you stuck.
Don’t guess , think smart.

Who can play ?
One who loves math.
No age limite.

Game Features
Realistic graphics and ambient sound.
Realistic stunning and amazing animations.
Real-time particles & effects
Smooth and simple controls.
User friendly interface and interactive graphics.

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