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About Prophytes: D9 United

Introducing Empowering the Divine Nine Community

Unlock the full potential of your Divine Nine membership with, the ultimate platform designed exclusively for the Divine Nine community. Whether you're seeking professional growth, expanding your social circles, or staying connected with your fraternity or sorority, is the go-to destination for Divine Nine members to thrive together. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we honor the legacy we all share from crossing the burning sands!

Discover the Benefits of

🔒 "Exclusivity!"
Connect with a network of vetted and verified Divine Nine members. Experience the power of a community that truly understands your journey.

📰 "D9 News!"
Stay up-to-date with national and local chapter updates, community outreach opportunities, and exclusive news features from across the Divine Nine.

📺 "D9 TV!"
Immerse yourself in the richness of Divine Nine culture. Watch captivating strolls, probates, step shows, community events, educational workshops, conferences, and colloquiums. It's Greek excellence at its finest!

💼 "D9 Business Opportunities"
Showcase your business to the entire Divine Nine community with a free business listing. Gain access to exclusive discounts from verified D9 businesses and support the entrepreneurial spirit within our community.

📍 "D9 Member Locator"
Easily search, verify, and connect with fellow Divine Nine members. Expand your network and strengthen your bonds within the community.

💬 "D9 DM Feature"
Communicate securely through private and chapter chats. Share insights, collaborate, and build lifelong connections with your Divine Nine brothers and sisters.

Experience the Community as a D9 Supporter:

✨ All New Supporter Profile
Stay informed with the latest D9 news, events, and updates. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of strolls, probates, step shows, community events, educational workshops, conferences, and colloquiums.

💼 Support Verified Divine Nine Businesses and Vendors
Discover and support Divine Nine businesses. Access exclusive deals and contribute to the growth of our community's entrepreneurs.

🌐 Gain Direct Access to Local Members
Network with Divine Nine members in your local area. Unlock new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and friendship.

Join the Community Today!

Visit our website at to embark on this empowering journey. Explore our NFT collection at, and follow us on Instagram at, Facebook at, and Twitter at for the latest updates.

Together, let's build a stronger and more prosperous Divine Nine community. We are Prophytes United!

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