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About Vida Health

Get the accountability, support, and tools you need to build healthy habits. Whether you want to manage anxiety, lose weight, cope with stress, or beat diabetes, Vida’s therapists and coaches can help you.

Choose a therapist or health coach and tailor your program to your unique goals and preferences. With Vida, you get a concrete plan that matches your goals and fits your life.

With Vida’s mobile app, better health is in the palm of your hand. Check in, set goals, form habits, and stay in touch with your coach through messaging, phone calls, and video sessions. Vida integrates with more than 100 devices and apps to track your progress and share it with your therapist or coach.

Vida’s personalized programs include therapy, stress management, weight loss, diabetes, sleep, and more. Each day, we’ll guide you how to develop new, healthy habits and thought patterns.

Vida works. On average, Vida members in therapy reduce anxiety by 58%, depression by 60%, and stress by 33%. In weight loss, they lose 7% of their body weight. 75% of those working on blood pressure reduce their hypertension by one full stage. And those working on diabetes see an average A1C reduction of 1.4 points.

Vida is trusted by Fortune 500 employers and national health plans, many of which cover the full cost of Vida Health. Vida is in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.

“My therapist helped me overcome stress and anxiety both at home and work.”
- Kytn

“Everything has changed. I lost 30 pounds. I had retired from boxing and came back to the sport with the support of my Vida coach – it’s unbelievable. I’m ready to jump back into the boxing ring again. I’m 40 years old, but feel like I’m 20.”
- Mauricio

“I'm proud to say I'm still smoke-free, breathing easy, and I've now lost 85 pounds. I'm more active than I've ever been.”
- Lyndsey

“I’m exercising daily and taking over 10,000 steps daily, which was foreign in the past. My diet has also completely changed, with more fruits and vegetables and grains. With these changes, I feel a lot more energetic and have clarity of mind.”
- Chris, lost 25 pounds and reduced his elevated blood pressure

“I feel empowered by being healthy, losing weight, going to the gym, cleaning my diet, and changing my perspective about life. I am happy again!”
- Frank, lost 30 pounds and reversed his diabetes

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