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About Vive Fit: Exercise and Rehab

Introducing Vive Fit - the all-in-one app for injury recovery, low-impact exercises, and overall wellness. Our app is specifically designed for seniors and individuals recovering from injuries, featuring a variety of video content and guided workouts. With Vive Fit, you can track your progress and stats, and even access meditation and yoga classes to enhance your mind-body connection. Whether you're looking to improve your mobility, build strength, or simply relax and unwind, Vive Fit has something for everyone. Download Vive Fit today and start your journey to a healthier and happier you!

Whether you are new to exercising, recovering from an injury, or looking to improve your general health, we have videos for everyone.

Vive Fit allows you to recover from a number of injuries, including:
- Plantar Fasciitis (treatment and stretches)
- Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Impingement
- Tennis Elbow
- Runner's Knee
- Lower Back Pain
- And More!

With this app you can find full-body workouts or focus on select body parts for ALL experience levels:
- Recumbent bike workouts
- Rowing machine workouts
- Relaxation routines
- Abs workouts
- Arm workouts
- Leg workouts
- Glute workouts
- Stretching exercises (flexibility training)
- Chest workouts
- Yoga workouts

Easily track your fitness and rehabilitation progress. Log workout statistics including distance, time, & calories burned. Set a reminder for your exercises so you always stay on track.

Here is what is available for you in the Stats section:
- Track fitness progress by Distance, Time, or Calories
- Track fitness progress Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly
- Track fitness progress by the type of exercise - Rowing, Biking, Strength, and Rehab

Select the workout length & intensity that best suits you - go at your own pace! Watch home workout videos for FREE!

Download the Vive Fit App for free home workout videos to improve your strength, boost recovery, and feel your best! Fitness exercises for any part of your body & full-body workouts! Home workout and injury rehab training simplified!

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