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About TruDoc

TruDoc offers a one-stop-care-destination for people who are healthy, acute, or chronic through different entry points including Integrated Mobile Application, Virtual Clinic, Hospital at Home Program and Hospitalist Program that are all connected to our 24x7 Doctor Call Center.

TruDoc integrated mobile application allows you to speak to a TruDoc doctor via voice/video call and live chat.


 Teleconsultation
 Medication prescription and delivery, where available
 Lab tests, where available
 Referrals and appointment booking, if required
 Holistic care including nutrition care and mental health care


 24x7 access to doctors through voice/video call and live chat
 Multilingual team (English, Arabic, Hindi or Urdu)
 Vital signs monitoring
 Health articles and tips
 Appointment tracker
 Medication reminders
 On-demand access to dietitians and psychologists

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Discover our other entry points:

 TruDoc’s on-site and virtual clinics can be made available in different locations including corporate offices, staff accommodation, pharmacies, schools, malls, nursing homes, hotels, etc.

 TruDoc’s Hospital at Home Program with 24x7 telemonitoring, provides acute and chronic care at the comfort of home. Individuals are monitored 24x7 by our Doctor Call Center through TruDoc’s integrated connected devices. Doctors and nurses are available to visits 24/7.

 TruDoc’s Hospitalist/Roaming doctors Program coordinates the care in the hospital and serves as a liaison between patient, family, and the treating doctor.

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