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About 105‘5 Spreeradio

Listen to 105'5 Spreeradio - the best songs of all time anywhere and anytime on your Android phone! With great brandnew features, an alarm and the 105’5 Spreeradio Christmas radio!

Choose between three different streams offering the best songs of the 70s, the 80s and today.

"105'5 Spreeradio live stream" – tune in and listen live to the popular radio hosts such as Jochen Trus in the morning, Sabine Beck at work and the “Fabian Maier show” in the afternoon.

"Trus Collection" - Jochen Trus proudly presents his favorite records of the past decades!

"The 105'5 Spreeradio Christmas Radio" - Enjoy the best Christmas songs ever all day long! Get in the right Christmas mood with songs e.g. by Chris Rea (Driving Home For Christmas), Jose Feliciano (Feliz Navidad) or Melanie Thornton (Wonderful Dream).

105'5 Spreeradio alarm clock
Wake up with the 105'5 Spreeradio radio hosts like Jochen Trus, Conny Hapke or the Swiss.

105’5 Spreeradio Participate

You’re at a special event in Berlin and you have spotted a celebrity? You want to report a speed camera? Be our reporter and send in your photos, videos or your sounds of the city - anytime and from anywhere.

Weather and Traffic

Be up to date in terms of weather and traffic in Berlin and Brandenburg.

General Information

105’5 Spreeradio can be received with this app via Wi-Fi and 3G. It also runs in the background. Our webstreams are transmitted at a low data rate of 32 kbit / s or 64 kbit / s with the AAC + V2/V2 coding to ensure a high-quality audio experience. The radio player is free. Nevertheless the streaming may result into costs due to the data transfer depending on your individual mobile service provider contract.

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