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About Differences, Find Difference

Differences is an interesting find difference spot puzzle game! This find difference spot game is to find all the differences between two pictures! There are thousands of find difference levels with different difficult, you can find 5 differences, find 6 hidden differences, and so on.

Why this find difference spot game is a better choice than many other find differences games?

Thousands of Different Pictures
There are thousands of different pictures of find differences levels in this game. You can start from 5 differences, and become a professional finder by solving harder levels. These amazing colorful pictures include cartoons, animals, food, rooms, beautiful views, and so on. The common levels are very relaxing and have no timer. And you can use hints to find hidden differences if you find they are hard.

Do you like to be a detective in real life? There are many cases waiting for you to solve. There are hidden differences in the pictures before and after a case scene, you can find out the importance clues from the differences. After you find all the important clues in the cases, you will find the truth. The cases are very interesting, find differences helps you to improve your detective and observation abilities and train your brain.

Challenge & Special Levels
This differences puzzle game has many challenge levels and special levels to challenge your mind.
- There is a flashlight mode, which will give you a flashlight to find the hidden differences spots in night.
- There is a time model, which will limit the time to finish the levels.
- The special levels have more difference spots than other common levels.

Design Gardens
Play find differences puzzle games to unlock the abandoned gardens and then you can repair and redesign the gardens. Tens of gardens are waiting for you to repair and design.

Jigsaw Puzzle
While playing find difference puzzle games, you can collect jigsaw puzzle fragments. After collecting all the fragments of a painting, you will get a painting displaying in your studio. Many paintings composed of jigsaw fragments waiting for you to unlock.

Differences - Find difference spot is so interesting and addictive; it helps to train your brain, relax your mood, and develop your focus ability and memory. Download and relax it now!

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