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About Yummy - Aplikasi Resep Masakan

Yummy App by IDN Media - This is the Official App from Yummy.

Yummy App is a platform that provides practical, easy recipes for cooking, food, drinks, cakes, donuts, snacks with only 5 steps. The process is fail-safe because it is cooked and curated directly by our reliable Chef.

You don't need to worry about what to cook today. FREE access to a collection of easy daily Indonesian menus and recipes based on ingredients you have at home, such as various recipes for meat, chicken, vegetables, tofu, tempeh, eggs, through this cooking recipe application.

Raw materials run out? Don't worry, you can shop for the ingredients you need through the Yummy App! Limited raw materials? Don't worry, Yummy can also give you cooking ideas according to the cooking ingredients you have, you know!

There are also various inspirational cooking recipes every day, shared by Yummy App users which can be accessed on the Community page. Upload your cooking recipe creations on the Yummy App then get Yummy Points which can be exchanged into rupiah for each of your recipes that are successfully published.

It's easier to exchange Yummy Points by logging into the IDN App with your Yummy account. You can exchange Yummy Points easily through your bank account or digital wallet, you know!

What's going on in the Yummy App?

Find a variety of interesting information, daily cooking inspiration, cooking tips, and Indonesian recipes that are currently viral with the article feature. Yummy will take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Daily Cooking Menu
You can see the complete daily meal menu with nutritional information for each dish you want to see, as well as how to cook the recipe from the menu you want to cook, you know! Save and share cooking recipes to your social media easily!

Cooking Features
Help feature to find recipes based on the ingredients you have. Often confused what to cook with makeshift ingredients in the refrigerator? Having only chicken, eggs, carrots and onions what could it be? With this feature, find cooking inspiration based on the ingredients you have. I'm not confused anymore what to cook every day. Choose the ingredients of your choice and get recommendations from the Chef of choice!

Recipe Features
You can write and make your own cooking recipes in the Yummy App, you know! You can also upload your cooking creations through the Community page and get additional money after uploading the recipe and then being successfully published by Chef Yummy. Get Rp. 10,000 (equivalent to 100 Yummy Points) for each publication of your recipe.

Upload your daily cooking recipes such as fried chicken, rendang, soup, stews, satay, meatballs, chili sauce, tofu, tempeh or cake recipes, snack recipes such as cakes, wet cakes, donuts every day on the Community page then get additional income. When else, you can upload cooking recipes and then get money!

Recipe Filter feature (by price)
Help feature to find recipes based on your budget. With 10 thousand, what do you want to cook? Yummy will help to recommend recipes for the dishes. No need to worry anymore when old dates hit, Yummy has a recipe solution!

Recipe Filter feature (by time)
Only have less than 30 minutes? what to cook? With filters based on cooking time, cooking can be easier, more practical and faster with the Yummy App!

Recipe Filter feature (by portion)
Help feature to find cooking recipes based on the portion of the dish you want to serve. Want to find inspiration for recipes to eat together or together during family events? Find inspiration for cooking recipes through the Yummy App!

Yummy is the best place to find, store Indonesian everyday recipes. Cooking just got easier with Yummy as your cooking buddy!

Come on, join Yummy and get the full features of the Yummy App to make your cooking experience easier!

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