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Matt Verey
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About Exponent

Get a handle on unit prefixes and how they change the exponent. This is an app you won't have on your Android for long: it's a short lesson in how scientific notation works and how unit prefixes alter the exponent. You'll have the concept mastered in minutes.
Knowing how scientific notation, unit prefixes and exponential notation are all used to express values in our modern age is an essential literacy skill for the modern person. This app is a short lesson that lets the student deduce for themselves the mechanics behind this notation. Arbitrary values supplied by the student are converted into scientific notation with the push of a button. The decimal point in the significand is rearranged and exponent is conveniently calculated.
Metric unit prefix buttons from 'exa' to 'atto' are also supplied and the exponent is further calculated to incorporate them.
For completeness, some fundamental units are included to help satisfy the notation as would commonly be used in practice. It wont take long for the student to realise that this is sundry to the exercise.
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