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Kidney Stones Symptoms

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The lifetime risk for kidney stones is 10-15% and is as high as 25% in some parts of the world. What are the kidney stone symptoms? If you’ve been urinating frequently or been having trouble urinating in general and been experiencing fluctuating pain in your groin and lower back then you may be passing kidney stones. What kinds of medication can alleviate kidney stone pain? How long will they last? What are the options for kidney stone treatment and removal surgery? This app has answers to all your questions.

Download this app now for a complete guide to kidney stones symptoms, types, facts, causes, remedies, and how to pass a kidney stone. Inside you’ll have access at your fingertips to suggested diet, solutions for kidney stones pain management, home remedies, how to prevent kidney stones, foods to avoid, and more. Everything you need to know about the signs and symptoms of kidney stones is right here. Stay informed, and make your kidneys happy today!

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