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* Matching Games is the classic board game to help test your memory skills.
* Matching Games helps to improve your Short-term Memory
* Matching Games helps to improve your speedy recognition Skills.
* Matching Games is designed to train your brain while having fun in playing
* Very cute images of Animals Fruits and Objects.
* Helps to learn more about the matched picture.
* Matching Games is not only for kids but for players of all ages.

Initially you will have all the cards turned face down. Click on one of the card and remember
the picture on that card. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the same picture
as previous one. If the former and latter cards have the same picture, you have successfully matched a
pair of card and your score will be incremented. The Matched cards will stay open now continue the
game and open all the cards. If the former and latter cards do not have the same picture it
would turn its face down you need to go on with another card for another attempt. Try to find
all matched cards as fast as possible and with fewer number attempts.

- Matching Games has 4 different difficulty levels - 4x4; 4x5 ; 4x7; 9x6
- Matching Games develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kid
- Contains beautiful images of animals, fruits and objects
- Matching Games not only provides fun it also acts as a information database.
When a card is matched you have option to click on information button to
learn the unique or interesting feature about the picture which is more
educative and informative. This Feature makes this Matching game a unique one from
other Memory games
- visual memory training
- Matching Games adds up the scores to leader boards based on
. How fast or quick you have completed
. How many attempts you have used to complete the Game

* Simple and catchy interface makes it easy to use & play.
* Matching Games is also optimized for tablets.
* This free Matching Games will keep everyone entertained.

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