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Kids Learning Games is the BEST kid’s app to learn more facts about animals, fruits and objects. Kids learning games is an educative, interactive, fun-filled app with loads of puzzles for kids. This App is not only for kids but it also acts as a database for parents who wish to educate the kids with Interesting information about animals, fruits and Objects.
Kids has to drop their area of interest to the panda (animals or fruits or Objects or quiz)

There are loads of unique and rare information about each of the animal. One can know about
- Animals and offspring
- Animal Sounds
- Very rare facts about animals
- Food habitat of animals
- Information on animals like Zebra, Panda, Squirrel and so On

One can wonder what this app can have about objects. Here is what Kids Learning GamesProvide to you
- Inventors and invention history
- Name of the first invention
- Fore runners or aspirations for the inventions
- Very rare facts on objects like kite, ball, balloon, book, hat, straw

If you choose to know about fruits, here is the list of interesting things that you would have
- Colors and shapes of fruits
- Fruit nutrients.
- National fruits and its countries.

Kids Learning Games app has interesting puzzles for kids.
- Visual puzzles with various levels
- Various levels of interesting questionnaire.
- Made challenging with timer ticking for every question in level 2
With "Kids Learning Animals Fruits" Puzzles is the place which has the rewards and awards make the app even more Interesting.
No Kid is disappointed without an award or a reward.

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