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Talking Christmas Elf

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About Talking Christmas Elf

Santa has made himself a clever little elf robot with the job of spending every day talking to anyone who calls up from this app to answer all their questions.
This elf may not tell you exactly what you are getting for Xmas but she will definitely brighten up your day with her Elf talk.

This cheeky little elf has been asked to sit in the toy workshop at the North Pole and speak to anyone who wants to ask questions about Santa and how an elf spends its life at the North Pole.
Ask anything you want to or just enjoy a chat with a real life Elf.

Chat for hours to this interesting little Elf and prepare to be astounded with her knowledge and powers of speech. You can talk to Santa's elf about anything you want, not just Santa and christmas.

This is a very small app that will use little resources, it is completely free with no hidden costs, or in app purchases.

Note for parents:
The elf has been trained to be child friendly, it will not disappoint them with false promises about presents or disappoint them with news of presents they are not getting so you can entertain the kids on the run up to Christmas with this wonderful app! This is, as it states, a robot Elf and as such there is no human interaction involved in chatting with this app.

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