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About Skill Lab: Science Detective

What makes you special as a gamer? Is your mind super-sharp to ace certain types of games? What skills have you developed when gaming?

Skill Lab: Science Detective is a collection of mini-games from the creators of Quantum Moves designed to challenge your mind in different ways. By testing your brain's gaming skills, you can help ScienceAtHome discover more about how people make decisions, solve problems and interact in groups.

We want to know your strengths and weaknesses to better understand how they affect your performance in other games from ScienceAtHome. Is hand-eye coordination the basis for flying through Quantum Moves? Maybe having a good memory makes players rock the Alien Game?

Once enough information is gathered from tasks and gameplay, we'll provide you with a personal cognitive profile of your gaming skills.

Take up the challenge and solve the mystery of Skill Lab: Science Detective!

Please remember, we're a small Research group and your feedback helps make our games better. Thanks again for your support. We'll be continuously developing and improving Skill Lab: Science Detective according to our project's scientific goals.
Get in touch with us at and find out more about our work at

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