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About HealthHub SG

HealthHub SG is a national digital healthcare platform that allows you to conveniently manage you and your loved ones’ health in one place.

Access your health records as well as perform various transactions across public healthcare institutions* such as appointment booking, bill payment and medication refill with the HealthHub app.

Quick Access:

Conveniently access selected health records and e-Services using your mobile biometrics or 6-digit passcode.

Quick Links:

Locate and browse popular e-Services easily.

Appointment and Mobile Registration:
Manage your medical appointments centrally, as well as pre-register to obtain a queue number prior to your appointment.


Retrieve past invoices and make payments for current medical bills digitally.

Health Profile and Caregiver Access:
Enable caregiver access to view health records and perform digital healthcare transaction for yourself as well as your child, dependent(s) or loved ones.

* Participating restructured hospitals, polyclinics and specialist outpatient clinics from the public healthcare sector.

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