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About Pluto TV - Live TV and Movies

Pluto TV is the leading free streaming television service! Stream now, pay never. Get ready to binge any time you want with:
* 100s of live TV channels
* 1000s of free movies and TV shows
* 24/7 entertainment

Watch sports or hit shows. Enjoy classic TV or the latest blockbuster films. Whatever you choose, we’re available on any device and from any location. Explore a variety of movie and TV genres, including:
* Action - “Days of Thunder” and “Desperado”
* Anime - “ Naruto” and “One Piece”
* Comedy - “Jackass,” “Boomerang” and “Old School”
* Crime - “American Hustle,” “CSI” and “Dateline”
* Romance - “The American President” and “Like a Boss”
* Sci-Fi - “Star Trek: The Original Series” and “Johnny Mnemonic”
* Spanish TV - "Sor Tequila" and "El Infierno,” plus dozens of movies and shows in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month!
* Westerns - “All the Pretty Horses,” “Silverado” and “The Quick and the Dead”

Free TV and movies are yours to watch anywhere, anytime. Our TV channel guide boasts 250+ live channels, including full seasons of your favorites:
* Blue Bloods
* Jersey Shore
* RuPaul's Drag Race
* South Park
* Star Trek
* Survivor
* Unsolved Mysteries
* And more!

Pluto TV has on-demand movies and TV shows the whole family can enjoy. We offer 27 exclusive movie channels and more in our extensive library:
* Hilarious shows and stand-up specials
* Kids’ movies and cartoon shows
* Live sports including basketball, football, baseball and classic games
* Local channels, breaking news, opinion and stats
* Reality TV shows and competitions
* Telenovelas and Spanish-language movies
* True crime and drama series

¿Buscas una película o una telenovela? ¡Pluto TV tiene tus favoritos gratis!
* 50+ channels in Spanish
* Native language and dubbed movies
* Reality TV and telenovelas
* Crime, sports and more

Check back often, so you don’t miss the new movies and TV shows we add to our library every day. Stream TV networks and top-content providers including:
* Comedy Central
* Lionsgate
* Nickelodeon
* Paramount
* Sony Pictures
* Warner Bros. Discovery
* And more!

Want a sneak peek into the Pluto TV app? Check out some of our in-app features:
* Closed Captions - Viewers can enable closed captions that display subtitles with customizable settings
* Favorites - Frequently watched channels can be saved to a personalized Favorites List in the Live TV section
* Kids Mode - Set a profile that only shows children's content for younger viewers
* Newsletters - Registered users can receive all the latest Pluto TV news in periodic emails
* Search - Type in the name of the content you want to search for and search results populate in a list below
* SharePlay - Use Apple’s SharePlay feature to watch on-demand shows and movies with your friends and family
* Social Share Button - Viewers can share content to social media from their mobile device, tablet or the Pluto TV website by tapping on the arrow icon from the video player

Watch TV everywhere, 100% free and legal. Download Pluto TV today!

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