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About The Self Compassion App

The Self-Compassion App is for you if you want to feel happier, calmer & more connected. Whether you get caught up in cycles of stress and anxiety, regularly give yourself a hard time or struggle to relax and enjoy the moment – this app can help.

The app includes scientifically-validated practices from Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), with 50+ tools to help you when life gets hard. Be guided by Drs Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont – leading authorities on self-compassion, who collectively have 40+ years of experience as therapists and have helped tens of thousands of people.

This app has undergone a nationwide study, with participants showing significant reductions in stress, anxiety, self criticism, and increases in wellbeing. Anyone can develop self-compassion and enjoy all its benefits – we look forward to showing you how.

Why self-compassion?
We are often our own harshest critic, talking to ourselves in ways that we would never do our close friends. Given that we spend more time with ourselves than anyone else, isn’t it strange that many of us don’t treat ourselves with the same level of kindness, care and support as we do our close friends? Now is your time to start.

With evidence based ideas and exercises from CFT, this app will teach you how to cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Through the course, you’ll learn how to strike a balance between self improvement & self acceptance: teaching you how to have a realistic but kind view of difficulties that arise in life, and giving you the confidence you need to achieve your goals in life, work and relationships.
A toolkit for managing the ups and downs of life.

Reduce anxiety, stress & depression
Improve mood & wellbeing
Reduce feelings of shame & low self-esteem
Better understand yourself
Increase your confidence
Improve your productivity
Appreciate the good in every day
Develop your relationships
Feel calm & grounded
Be kinder to yourself
And more...

There’s something for everyone:
Visual breathing tools to bring you back to the present
Sleep stories & meditations
HIIT and yoga videos to get you moving
Mindfulness audio guides
Cutting-edge tools to measure & improve your heart rate variability
Journaling to create habits of positivity
Step-by-step reflective exercises to help you manage difficult emotions
Surveys to measure your progress
And more!

About Chris Irons & Elaine Beaumont
Dr Chris Irons and Dr Elaine Beaumont are leading therapists and researchers in the field of CFT and compassionate mind training. They have written extensively about the topic, publishing the best seller The Compassionate Mind Workbook: A Step by Step Guide to Cultivating your Compassionate self.

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We’re so excited to see you all loving the app – we’re passionate about the benefits of self-compassion
and feel very lucky to be able to share the joys of it with others.

We know how tricky it can be on your own to turn advice into action. That’s why we’ve created this app – to guide you into applying the best insights from CFT to your own life in daily, actionable steps so that you can create meaningful change. We know therapy isn’t an option for everyone – our mission is to create an app that is more effective than a book, and more accessible than therapy.

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