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About Yeni Şafak

Offering a unique news experience, the Yeni Şafak mobile application is online with various language options and a new interface!

- You can switch to Turkish, English, French, Russian and Arabic news content without the need for a different application.

- Take a quick look at the news with our revamped news card design.

- You can quickly browse the latest news with Stories.

- You can like, save and add comments under content.

- You can view comments, likes under the content you saved on your own profile page.

- You can read the columns of our authors, or listen to them as audio articles.

- Easily navigate news by swiping left and right.

- View the rich content (video-photo gallery) related to the news items that interest you.

- Share your favorite news content with your loved ones.

- Access Prayer Time, Weather and Market data.

- Be instantly informed of hot developments thanks to the renewed News Notifications.

For any feedback about our application, you can reach us at İletiş
As Yeni Şafak, we have spared no effort to ensure that democracy has taken root in our country with all its institutions, and that our national will and values prevail since we first went live with our publications.
We have strived to ensure that our country’s future is as bright as it can be.
We’ve become a safe haven for facts during turbulent times.
We will continue to contribute to our country’s future with the support of our readers.
With Yeni Şafak, every day promises fresh hope.

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