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About MOJisho: Japanese Dictionary

The choice for millions of Japanese learners. Support recognizing Kana, Kanji, and Romaji. More than millions of vocabulary are built in.

1. Easy to Search and Look Up
- Refined search: Looking up a word or searching trending, you get what you want.
- Limitless dictionaries: Built in multiple professional dictionaries, and support to create your own.
- Detailed definition: All usages, synonyms, and antonyms are supported.

2. Quick Input
- Handwriting: A convenient way to recognize Kanji and Kana.
- Image recognition: Simply recognize text on image and support to look up or translate.
- Gojuon suggestions: Easier for only starters.

3. More
- Translation: Translate and analyze sentences. Support auto-highlight keywords.
- Questions: Search whatever knowledge points.
- Word Lists: Create by all users and collect what suits you.
- Memorize Words: Support personalizing practices and review according to forgetting curve.
- Assist-Read: Support phonetics and quick look up.
- Widgets: Shuffle words on your homescreen.
- Collections: Collect everything and manage new words easily.
- Word Listening: Support to play collection lists.
- Word Push: Customize Daily Word push notifications.

4. Policy
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