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Kids Doctor Little Children Hospital Fun FREE Game

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About Kids Doctor Little Children Hospital Fun FREE Game

Hi kids,
This educational fun game will teach how you can be a great doctor and will get you familiar with the entire doctor's visit experience. So that you will learn how to treat kids in a childrens's hospital.

Wheather it's a flu or a bike accident a great doctor knows exactly what to do. Children are coming to the clinic, some of them are injured and they might be afraid or puzzled. Some are suffering from various diseases, you need to take on the role of a doctor and cures sick patients.

Meet a diverse group of boys and girls in this fun doctor's office. There will fun interactive minigames to play and they present various injuries like inspect arms, throat infection, fever and much more unique injuries. These minigame will make treatment even more fun and will help get your hands on all the exciting doctor tools.

- lots of adorable small kids to treat.
- includes different fun minigames.
- tons of Dr. tools commonly seen in a clinic.
- awesome gameplay with user friendly interface.
- enjoyable kids sounds, animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HD graphics.
- includes lots of kids with colorful clothes, different bandages, arm plasters, syrups and much more.

Often, No kids like going to doctor's clinic but kids you gonna love playing these games!

Team is continuously working for improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

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