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Track research in your precise area of focus. Case scans thousands of medical journals (NEJM, Lancet, PubMed, etc) and YouTube to bring you the latest in a disease, drug, gene, pathway, protein and more. We use the NIH's MeSH medical terminology database so you can follow research across 274,482 topics. For example, an oncologist can follow acute myeloid leukemia, tumor suppressor protein p53 and targeted therapy midostaurin. Any research matching your topics will be displayed in your feed in real-time. Read, Watch, Listen * View abstracts in 100 languages (Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, etc) * Watch cutting-edge medical research videos * Listen to audio transcriptions of abstracts Search, Save, Share * Access over 19 million medical journal articles (PubMed and more) * Search by Altmetric score, citation count, publication type, etc * Save and read articles offline Personalized notifications * Weekly updates on new research matching your topics * FDA and EMA alerts of drug and device approvals * Search Alerts for new results based on your specific query Join our scientific community. It's free. Note: Certain journals may require a subscription to access the full article on the publisher's site. Open-access articles are freely available in Case.

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