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MaskArt - a video converter to GIF and Live Photo formats with Cinemagraph effect MaskArt is a free video effects and converter app that helps you create high quality GIFs and Live Photos. It makes fusing video features and still photography easy and fun, leaving you with a photo memento to cherish. A cinemagraph is a new way of creating live photos. The effect creates an illusion of a still image with an animated twist. Instantly turn videos into still images with minor moving elements, literally bringing your photo to life. Simply select a video file and using your finger highlight the areas of the frame that you would like to animate or freeze, adjusting the size and opacity of your brush as you go. Once you’re done, you can preview your creation then save your cinemagraph as a Video, or GIF. Your finger does all the work and the result is awesome. Get ready to be asked “How did you do that?” many times. You can also use the MaskArt app as a simple converter from video to Live Photo or GIF formats. Seamlessly trim the duration of your video by adjusting the sliders of the playback bar. Then, easily export your creation to share it with your friends and family. Features: Cinemagraph effect Brush mode with customizable size and opacity Export as Video, GIF, or Live Photo Update: You can now add a custom photo in the selected “live” area of your video to get the effect of magical newspapers, like in the Harry Potter movies. Note: “Cinemagraph” is a term coined by photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck.

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