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This is the mobile application for the ApartmentPermits.com system, you will already have to have a valid account to use this application or be a resident or guest of an apartment community using our system. With the ApartmentPermits.com system you can conveniently print parking permits for your residents and manage all their vehicle information directly from our system. The permits are printable on site and are completely customizable. We use specially manufactured documents as the permits. Our system allows you to: - No longer have different parking permits for different situations, our system will allow one permit for all parking situations on your property - Maintain a completely searchable database of resident vehicles - Print a parking addendum when you issue your resident a parking permit which you have them sign to acknowledge their understand the parking regulations of your apartment community - Print custom instructions for your residents with the permit - Permits are completely custom, you can use your complex logo on the permits ensuring that the permits are easily identifiable to you and your staff. - Assign reserved parking spaces and set expiration dates and print them directly on the permit itself. - Allow residents to register temporary vehicles and their guest vehicles - Allow guests to register as required on your property - Allow your towing company/security access to view spot assignments and permit data - Bulk accounts such as parking enforcement and security can access all accounts assigned to them through this application. Our system will completely manage your parking situation and keep you organized! If youre interested in our system, visit our website at www.apartmentpermits.com and contact us for a demo!

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