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About Easy Japanese News やさしい日本語ニュース

~ Level up your Japanese reading and listening skills with「TODAI JAPANESE NEWS」~

Speak and listen Japanese like a native speaker by practicing every day through reading and listening to the hottest Japanese news.

「TODAI JAPANESE NEWS」is a powerful tool to practice Japanese reading comprehension, listening, and pronunciation! Huge database of 31.076 Japanese articles updated constantly, 173.386 vocabulary, 6.355 kanji, 169.736 examples, and over 2.000 grammar will help you master Japanese easily.


- Improve Japanese reading comprehension skills, familiar with the hottest topics: sport, business, music... from easy to advanced N5-N1 level, daily updated.
- Practice listening to Japanese and translating Japanese like native speakers.
- Improve Japanese vocabulary and practice Japanese grammar.
- Proficient in the JLPT test and improve your JLPT level.

* Main features of「TODAI JAPANESE NEWS」:

• Read diverse Japanese news with full add-ons
Hide furigana, highlight important Japanese words in the article, underline vocabulary by JLPT level N5-N1; analyze JLPT grammar structure of the article, change font size. Search for Japanese articles by subject, keyword, release date.

• Quick Japanese dictionary & translation:
Practice translating the article from Japanese to your language and share it with other learners; refer to the translations of other users or use a quick Japanese dictionary available to look up any vocabulary directly in the article with just one touch.

• Listen podcast, audio & watch the video in Japanese:
Adjust audio speed, change reading voice. Listen and repeat to improve listening and pronunciation skills. Practice listening and learning Japanese culture through videos and podcasts. Learn Japanese with music through Japanese songs for double fun.

• Words review: See lists of vocabulary by JLPT levels N5-N1. Improve Japanese vocabulary memorization by practicing with flashcards.

• Difficult news: Challenge yourself with advanced Japanese articles. Suitable for intermediate Japanese learners with JLPT level N3, N2 and N1.

• JLPT mock test: Take 35+ JLPT mock tests with full levels N5-N1. Standard JLPT tests with structure like real JLPT exams.

• Offline mode: Learn Japanese offline, read news even without having internet. With this feature, you can learn Japanese anywhere, anytime.

• Dark mode: protect the eyes when experiencing in dim light.

• KAIWA: Fluent communication with 99+ common conversations.

「TODAI JAPANESE NEWS」- Best Japanese learning app for better reading and listening skills.

* We offer 3 advanced packages with features:
- Basic: $ 8.99 / 3 months
- Standard: $ 14.99 / 1 year
- Premium: $ 21.99 / permanent

* For more information, please visit:

Easily learn the Japanese language with「TODAI JAPANESE NEWS」.

Thank you for downloading the app, keep supporting us and please share the app with your friends!

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