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How amazing would it be to let your inner musician come to life wherever you are? Then join us, and let's tune up the world with the Piano in your pocket!

The #1 Piano app is already loved by MILLIONS of tile tapping enthusiasts in the United States! Simply fire up the app and start playing the Piano wherever you are. Record your music, play it back, and share your recordings with your friends, (garage)band, or on your social media! Use this realistic piano keyboard to learn your music chords, start a note, tune your instruments or just play along with your favorite song. So, are you ready to up your musicality to the next level? Then join our beginning to expert pianists, vocalists, songwriters and so many more musicians across the globe, and let us know what you think!

"My go to
My go-to when I have no keyboard to get my starting note."
by tatsarooni – Sep 22, 2022

"So handy!
This is so great when you’re running around and you don’t have access to a full keyboard. Now I can grab a keyboard anytime anywhere! Works every time and never out of tune"
by Ramel'sRiver – May 25, 2022

"Yes learning can be fun!
Just an easy way to learn and the program is easy to transport, unlike an upright! Beginner friendly and may be a great way for the novice to create away from the studio."
by Shortstuff208 – Jan 24, 2022

• A pocketable piano keyboard, wherever you go, there are tiles at your fingertips ready to be played
• Hit the perfect starting note with our premium sound quality for the best piano experience
• Wide selection of instruments: Classic Grand Piano, Xylophone, Toy Piano, Electric Piano, Harpsichord, Upright Piano, Electric Rock Organ, and Pipe Organ.
• Sustain Pedal: Blend sounds while creating your music.
• Adjustable Metronome: Keep a steady beat and adjust the tempo (beats per minute) to your liking
• Unlimited Recording & Playback: Save and share your recordings!
• (Colored) Note Labels: Spot music notes easier and faster by adding colored note labels to your keyboard. The perfect solution for beginners and vocalists to hit the right note, all the time.

• Teaching beginners the names & positions of notes on the piano.
• Developing a well-tuned musical ear.
• Play the keyboard along with your favorite song and don't forget to hit the record button.
• Or simply to introduce your kids to the musical side of life. Perhaps it could kickstart the next generation of grandmaster pianists? Every tile dream starts somewhere!
• Practice or learn your chords in a matter of minutes.
• Tuning other wind and string instruments.

LOVING THE PIANO? Your experience is important to us!
• Let us know what you think by rating the app! Thank you!
• Your experience is important to us and we’re always very excited to hear your feedback, questions, and suggestions.
Our support team is always ready to help so don't hesitate to drop us a line at feedback@impalastudios.com or support@impalastudios.com.

Go Premium with a subscription and boost your musicality to the next level:
• Unlock all musical instruments (Harpsichord, Upright Piano, Electric Rock Organ, and Pipe Organ)
• Enable the metronome while recording
• A full Ad-free experience

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~~Let's tune up the world with the Piano in your pocket!

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