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About Baby & Family Simulator Care

***Over 1 Million+ Downloads! Includes Many New Levels, New Game Animations, Cool Special Effects, Baby Sounds and Much More!*** Come help take care of the cute baby in Baby & Family Simulator Care! Feed, dress, decorate and care for the baby and the family!

Baby Simulator Salon features:
Level 1 : Care for the family! Eat yummy snacks, do mommy make-up, play, care & feed the baby!

Level 2 : Decorate the baby nursery with mommy & daddy! Paint the wall, set-up the crib mobile, change diapers and much more!

Level 3 : Baby bath time! Clean the baby & play in the bath tub with a rubber duck, toys and more!

Level 4 : Baby caring room. Play, care & love for the baby!

Level 5 : Food time! It's time to feed the baby and drink from the milk bottle!!

Level 6 : Play room features a ABC blocks, toy choo-choo train, flying airplane, bouncy ball, rattle and much more. Have fun playing with all the toys!

Level 7 : Baby bedroom. Help prepare the baby for bedtime!

Level 8 : Change Baby Outfits with the cutest pink princess outfit and tiger costume.

Level 9 : Prepare the baby car seat for a fun adventure! Clean up the car and buckle in!

Level 10 : Baby Birthday party is so much fun! Play with bubbles, eat cake, put on party hats and much more!

Twins! Simulator:
Level 1 : Yay! It's time for Mommy Makeover with the baby twins!!

Level 2 : Come help in the nursery room with the twin babies!

Level 3 : Baby Bath Time party! Help the cutest babies clean-up and brush teeth!

Level 4 : Aww time to help care for the twins!

Level 5 : Mmm Food time for the twin babies! They are hungry! Help put on the bibs, set the table and more!

Level 6 : Clean-up the play room and have fun with the babies!!

Level 7 : Come set-up the nap time room, put on cute hats, windows blinds and the night light!

Level 8 : Put on two cute outfits and take a photo!

Level 9 : Get ready for a fun trip with the twin babies!

Level 10 : Rainbow Unicorn surprise fun room! Play with mommy, daddy and the twins!

New Family Home Makeover Simulator:
*Level 1 : Clean the bathroom and give the home a makeover! Add soapy bubbles, spray and much more!

*Level 2 : Decorate the room! Change the rugs, place family photos and more!

*Level 3 : Oh no! Fix the broken down minivan!

*Level 4 : Help do the laundry! Wash the dirty clothes & dry the clean clothes!

*Level 5 : Kitchen food baking! Prepare the ingredients and get the cake ready!

*Level 6 : Baby Care! Feed the baby milk, play with toys and much more!

*Level 7 : Pet Care room! Brush the messy hair, feed the puppy and play with a red ball!

*Level 8 : Make-up room with mommy and sister! Help look your best!

*Level 9 : Daddy makeover room! Shave, brush hair and much more!

*Level 10 : It's a Birthday and Family Party! Play with the disco ball, eat cake and much more!

Babysitter Salon:
*Level 1 : Babysitter makeup makeover time!

*Level 2 : Now its time to play with the new baby, dress up and have fun!

*Level 3 : Care for the baby girl in the super fun nursery room!

*Level 4 : Babysitter hangout with pizza, reading and more!

*Level 5 : Great job! Come help in the babysitter salon!

*Please note that New Family Home Makeover Simulator Levels *1-10 and Babysitter Salon Levels *1-5 must be purchased separately.
*Please note that Baby & Family Simulator Care is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items and remove ads with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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