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phuc pham
4.3 out of 5

About Onet Connect Pro

Onet Connect Pro base on classic game play of Onet Connect game type so that it should be very easy for you to know how to play. But in this our game we support very many collection, not just animal connect .

- 2 animal connect collection pack
- 3 food connect collection pack
- 3 cake connect collection pack
- 2 candy connect collection pack

In this onet game with match pairs you must try to connect 2 pictures in at least 3 lines. If it take more than 3 lines then they can't match. It 's quite easy game play, ha!

Onet Connect Pro bring you 5 game play difficulty

- Easy
- Normal
- Hard
- Very Hard
- Super Hard

The difficulty mode will base on the time you have to finish the onet connect game and the number of pictures we mixed in game board. Let's say, it will be more difficult if we mix 30 pictures in game board than 20 pictures in game board, because the less pictures mixed, the easier way to figure out more same pictures.

Other than that, the onet connect pro also support 3 amazing game mode

- Classic : this is what you think onet game need to do
- Comfortable : just like classic mode but you are free to play without time worry
- Challenges : this mode will make you more exciting with many game board design. Each challenge with meet with a different limit time and different number of pictures mixed.

And of course, each onet connect game mode always include the 5 difficulty mode. So you will always have 15 difficult play mode with 10 image collections. That 's so cool, right?

Another feature what make Onet Connect Pro is a a best killing time puzzle game, it 's the ruby system what will help you a lot to figure out the match or save you when the level fail. Even though every level you will get a lot of bonus but you will always need more ruby to cover all help.

As a animal link up mobile game, we know exactly how to make it 's useful, how to be a good killing time mobile game. So we are sure you will like Onet Connect Pro in the first time you play.

We are here to support to help and to improve the game every day to make it better and better. We always welcome any idea to make the game better.


- We have the FREE RUBY feature so you can share, like our social pages to get free ruby
- The Challenges mode and comfortable mode are design so it will be easy for you to earn more ruby by playing them. Because each level in Onet Connect Pro you always have a bundle of reward ruby.
- Now let's use ruby for Classic mode to get over all of 16 levels in game


- Easy to play
- Cool graphics and User experience design
- 5 game difficulty mode: easy, normal, hard, very hard, super hard
- 3 game play mode: classic, comfortable, challenge
- Ruby system and help
- 10 image collections
- In-Game bonus for each cleared level

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