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About Animal Sounds & Bird Noises`

**Welcome to this completely free & funny app!
**Listening to 100+ animal sound effects!
**The best app for animal lovers!
**The best education for children to recognize animal sounds...

We provide lots of different animal sounds. Including bat, bear, bee, bird, camel, cat, chimp, deer, dog, dolphin, dove, duck, eagle, elephant, goose, horse, lion, meerkat, monkey, mosquito, mouse, owl, panda, parrot, peacock, pig, seagull, sheep, seal, tiger, turkey, whale, wolf, zebra, etc.

You can teach your kids to recognize these animal sounds, and you can also communicate with these animals by using these sound effects. You might found out much more interesting methods to play these sounds by yourself.

Let’s go try this app now! It is completely free!

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