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According to the “Feng shui” – an ancient Chinese doctrine to find health, pleasure, money and good fortune in a life it is necessary to harmonize space and environment where you live and work.

It should be made once depending on the magnetic field of Earth surround you.

For each person exists FOUR favorable geographical directions and FOUR not favorable, depending on age, character and the date of its birth.

Having created around of itself conditions in which: you sleep a head in a correct direction, work sitting for a table and negotiate with partners looking in a correct direction, you already shall find positive energy of the life which will bring you the true success and blessings.

You hold the tool in hands, which will allow you without deep and special knowledge of the ancient doctrine Feng shui - to harmonize easily space of your life to become rich, healthy and happy.

- Save your birthday date, gender and language for next using.

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