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Pinoy Mahjong

Rotate Games, LLC
4.8 out of 5

About Pinoy Mahjong

Pinoy Mahjong is a single-player game based on the mahjong rules (not yet formally defined) used in the Philippines. This app is an implementation of those rules. This app runs on iPads as well as iPhones.

It has implemented all the following features: Draw, Chow, Pong, Kang, Secret (hidden Kang), Snag (sagasa), Rob the Snag (also called Rob the Kang), Single, Edge Tile, Wedged Tile (Edge Tile and Wedged Tile are variations of Single), Before the 5th Discard, Zero Flowers (sin flores), 13 Flowers (or more), Seven Pairs, 1 to 9 Straight (escalera), All Up, All Chow, All Pong, Kang without Pay, Full Flush, Back-to-Back, Declare 7 Pairs, Declare 1 to 9 Straight, Race-to-5-Wins Jackpot, a HELP button (for on-demand help) and a tutorial on Filipino mahjong.

If you have played Filipino Mahjong before, you will see that the table and the tiles are exactly what you would see in a real mahjong game. To refresh your memory, tap the HELP button and then tap any object on the screen to see some information about that object.

If you are not familiar with Filipino mahjong, tap HOW TO PLAY to get an introduction to mahjong, filipino style.

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