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About Personal Sticker Maker

Create unlimited sticker packs for iMessage and WhatsApp with Personal Sticker Maker. The app also come with 1000+ Free Stickers!You can use the stickers in AR world via our AR Share feature. Just put your unique stickers in real world and take a photo to share with your friends.This is the first app that you can create your own stickers and use it directly in iMessage, WhatsApp and AR.Need to explain something, create some annotation stickers and use it to explain what you want to say in AR.
In iMessage, create your own grammar correction stickers. Annotate, edit and comment on anything in any languages with your own created stickers. Get a "WOW" reaction from your friends with your unique designed stickers.
You can also use the grammar correction stickers in AR and correct grammar mistakes on real paper. Let become the top grammar snob with your great grammar correction stickers.
Features:1. Add text on images to create your unique stickers. 70 cool fonts and different colors.2. Import images and crop it into different sticker shapes.3. Apply different image filters.4. Draw on the images to create stickers. You can easily create handwriting text stickers. You can create empty sticker and just draw on it to draw your own stickers.5. Use our background eraser tool to remove background of the image.6. All stickers can be used in our iMessage app.7. Stick your stickers in AR and take a funny photo.8. You can add stickers on sticker, resize them and combine them into a new sticker.
9. 200+ markers, highlighter, arrows and doodles sticker elements to create grammar correction stickers, annotation stickers and many other cute stickers.10. Export the whole sticker pack as a single file and share it to others for importing.Sticker packs created can be used in WhatsApp and iMessage directly. You can also using the share option of our app to copy the stickers and paste it in other messaging apps.Start build your sticker packs now!Bundle with 1000+ free stickers:. Cute Big Emoji stickers. (Large Emoticon Stickers). Emoji in stamp style.. Funny and humorous Goldmoji Meme Stickers. (Funny Poo Sticker). Kawaii Retro Emoji (Kaomoji) Stickers - Shrug Emoji Sticker ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Stamp the food! Rate and review the food photos you send with the rubber stamp style stickers.Enjoy our great stickers collection even you do not plan to create your own stickers.Remarks:Some Emoji art provided by

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