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Get your CMA Medical Assistant certification with no stress! Pass the CMA test and change your future for the better!

Our Mastery app uses proven study and test-taking strategies to help you feel confident and ready for the actual test. No network connection is required! Study for the AAMA CMA test anytime, anywhere and become a Certified Medical Assistant!


Our Certified Medical Assistant test tool provides a high-quality preparation resource for candidates aiming to ace the CMA test! There are no more big books that you need to read from cover to cover! All you need is our Medical Assisting Exam Prep to smash the real test!

Using our app, you can set your own pace and study CMA anytime, anywhere you want! Get instant feedback and be prepared for the real CMA Medical Assistant test. Among many unique features, our AAMA CMA Mastery app allows you to concentrate and improve your weakness area and get the confidence needed for a real CMA test.


Study CMA efficiently! Install our CMA Test prep version today for FREE and see why we are the best CMA Medical Assistant Study Guide on the market! We have provided a limited free version of the app that you can try before deciding to upgrade. It includes a limited amount of AAMA CMA Medical Assistant questions to practice and basic progress metrics.

Be 100% prepared for the Medical Assistant certification by upgrading to the Premium Version. Experts formulate all CMA exam prep questions that you can find on the actual exam.

Study for CMA smart and get access to:

• 600+ exam-like questions with detailed explanations
• 3 comprehensive AAMA CMA quizzes
• Dozens of Medical Assistant practice tests
• 90 CMA specific skill overviews
• Ultimate CMA Exam prep! Get Medical Assistant certification with no stress!
• CMA exam prep with detailed test resources
• In-depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses
• STUDY SMART with CMA practice exam prep
• Become registered medical assistant RMA
• No more heavy books, all you need is our app
• Medical Assisting exam prep for your better future!
• Made by Experts in this field

Our Certified Medical Assistant test allows you to study anytime, anywhere efficiently. Make better use of your downtime, study to become certified Medical Assistant CMA or RMA, and have fun while doing it.

Get access to all CMA exam prep questions when you subscribe:
• Monthly auto-renewing payment of $7.99
• 3 Monthly auto-renewing payment of $14.99
• Yearly auto-renewing payment of $35.99


Is the AAMA CMA test challenging and stressful? Yes! The industry average RMA CMA pass rate for both sections is only 45%, meaning less than half of the people taking the test will pass. The CMA exam is notorious for its rigor and difficulty, so you need to prepare. But Medical Assisting exam prep can help! Let us help you achieve the career results you have worked so hard. Get Medical Assistant certification with no stress!

Our CMA exam prep will help you with the latest updated materials and make your future dreams become a reality! No more heavy Medical Assistant books! Download the HLT Medical Assistant study guide and change your future for the better!

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