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About myLidl

Save more time and money with myLidl, Lidl Food Market’s FREE benefits program. Download the app to access exclusive rewards and coupons, create personalized grocery lists, receive a special birthday coupon, view store-specific ads, product lists, hours and more!

Coupons are automatically added to your account—simply scan the app at checkout for extra savings. Log in to the app to take advantage of loyalty rewards and extra benefits. P.S. first-time app sign-ins receive a $5 off $30 reward!

Use the grocery list feature to:

• Create custom lists
• Share lists with friends and family
• View stock availability and aisle information

Use the recipe feature to:
• Discover delicious recipes that fit your budget
• Add recipe ingredients to custom grocery lists

Other ways to save time and money with the app:
• Scan the app at checkout to redeem coupons and rewards
• View current and upcoming offers
• Connect to shopLidl for home delivery
• View store-specific product availability and aisle location
• Set dietary preferences

With my grocery lists you can:
• Create custom lists like: “kid’s birthday,” “Thanksgiving” and “essentials”
• Collaborate with friends and family for special occasions

Use me as a handy recipe finder:
• Store your dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and more)
• Discover delicious recipes that fit your budget
• Create custom grocery lists from selected recipes

I can save you a lot of money and time:
• Coupons are added straight to your account
• View current and upcoming Lidl Surprises and specials
• Scan barcode at checkout to apply savings

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