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About Bud Farm - Stickers

Guess what? The most fun, addicting and social weed game now has stickers for iMessage!

It’s time to get sticky and show off some dapper strains to your friends. Deck out your messages and hammer out some sweet sticker swag.

Have you ever gotten the craving for some munchies, and didn’t know how to tell your buds? Now you can with our fine selection of yummy stickers!
Got a hankering for a grilled cheese sammich? Maybe you feel like some space cake or sweet chocolate brownies? We’ve got you covered!

Just drag and drop the stickers to your messages and send it to your buds. It’ll be delivered to their inbox quicker than a brownie jumping over a sleeping racoon ...what?

Now there’s a better way to express your feelings rather than using emojis.
Go on, hash it out with your buds today!

• Original characters and workers from Bud Farm Grass Roots
• Sports cars and sweet rides like the Beetle, Lambo and classic Vee Dub hippie van
• Mystical creatures including Roachy the Racoon and Karma Goat
• Delicious food and snacks such as chocolate milk, strawberry ice cream, grilled cheese sandwich and banana split
• Fresh breeds, strains and plants such as Homegrown, Maui Waui, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, Banana Kush, Tangerine Dream, Super Skunk and Super Silver Haze.
• Make it rain with our money trees: Bankroll Bud, Coin Plant and Cash Plant


How To Use Stickers:
Adding Bud Farm Stickers to your iMessage is super easy. You’ll be budding with joy in no time! Just bring up the sticker keyboard when sending or replying to a message. Scroll through the sticker choices and tap once or drag and drop the sticker to your message window.
Pro tip: You can resize and rotate stickers if you drag the sticker up to your conversation, then without letting go, use two fingers and twist the sticker around.

About Bud Farm Grass Roots:

Run a fully customizable pot farm in Bud Farm Grass Roots. Plant, grow, water, trim & harvest juicy buds in your own, social grow-op. Upgrade buildings & decorate your farm with hundreds of items. Hire workers to run your businesses and make your weed firm stronger than ever!

Please note that Bud Farm: Grass Roots is separate free-to-play game to download and play. It also happens to be a pretty freaking addictive game. There’s so much to harvest - the growing never ends!

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