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Zen Flip Clock - Minimal Timer

树道 王
4.6 out of 5

About Zen Flip Clock - Minimal Timer

Zen Flip Clock has been released for over six years and has been loved by users all over the world, with total downloads reaching millions.

Whether for focused studying, attentive meditating, speech rehearsing, or simply as a desktop clock, Zen Flip Clock is like a silent friend accompanying countless users through one stretch of solitary time after another.

Zen Flip Clock not only has immersive, minimalist style flip clocks, but also prepared pomodoro and stopwatch for efficient work, and is especially suitable for taking photos and videos!

The newly designed Zen Flip Clock has not only been greatly improved in usability and aesthetics, but also adds the following new features:

- Retro flip clocks and classic digital clocks
- More lifelike flip animations
- Diverse themes and digit styles
- Various app icons
- Hourly chime
- Display of motivational motto
- Various lock screen widgets for iOS 16

Operation tips:

- Swipe left to start pomodoro
- Swipe right to start stopwatch
- Swipe up to show settings
- Tap hour to switch between 24/12-hour
- Tap seconds to show/hide

To report bugs, submit feedback and requests, please email minimal.software.studio@gmail.com.

Terms of Service: https://minimalsoftwarestudio.feishu.cn/docs/doccnK7LrYMwBFdr7SRl4qQv2lb.

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