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About Taimi - LGBTQ+ Dating & Chat

Taimi is an all-inclusive LGBTQ+ app that has disrupted online dating with the concept of fluid dating. Simply put, it is free from the limits of the hetero-dating model. That’s why, we’ve been able to create amazing experiences for more than 19 million registrations worldwide.

Are you tired of being forced into boxes? We believe sexual orientation and gender are fluid, and that dating should be as well. When you register, you will be able to pick from several gender options to best express your identity. Taimi also allows you to choose from 15 sexual orientations, and you can change this at any time. We want to provide a place where you can freely evolve, explore, and express.

Each of these tiers will differ in the number of features offered such as rainbow likes, throwbacks, and actions. Additionally, gold and silver users will be able to use some awesome location search features that are ideal for people who want to date while they travel or find local users easily.

There are many reasons to use a dating app like Taimi. Just consider our features!

◾ Taimi Cards: This is a truly unique way to express yourself and connect with others. Use media cards to share photos. Text cards allow you to share inspirational quotes or anything important to you. Use prompt cards to answer questions about yourself or your ideal date!
◾ Rainbow Likes Enhanced likes that stand out and increase your chance of getting a response.
◾ Throwbacks: Want to go back to that profile? You can do that!
◾ Profile Boost: Gives your profile a temporary boost that increases your chances of being seen!

It’s so easy to take the first step. It just takes a few moments to create your profile and begin your fluid dating experience. To help you get the most out of Taimi, we offer three different subscriptions.

◾ Bronze
◾ Silver
◾ Gold

Check out more details about us at Taimi.com and these links:

Finally, Taimi is truly a place where all members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome. Here, bullying and harassment are never tolerated, our support team is always here to help, and we work hard to verify profiles and pictures to create an environment where you can discover, connect with a diverse community, and be your authentic self.

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