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Cadenza: Fame, Theft & Murder

Big Fish Premium, LLC
4.4 out of 5

About Cadenza: Fame, Theft & Murder

Discover the newest hidden objects mystery game from the TOP SELLING premium games company, Big Fish. With more than 26 million premium game downloads worldwide, Big Fish gives you exciting new mysteries to solve each week!

Take a trip back in time to the height of Rock n’ Roll in this magnificent Hidden Object adventure! While performing at a concert in your hometown, a strange man challenges you to a musical duel. This challenge turns out to be a trap though, as the stranger casts a spell that switches your body for his. Now you’re in a body that’s not your own, being hunted by the police for a crime you didn’t commit! Can you get your life back before time runs out? Find out as you solve magical puzzles and musical mini-games in a nail-biting race against the clock!

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