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Guess The Opposite of Picture

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About Guess The Opposite of Picture

Guess the opposite is one of type of knowledge games where you have to guess the picture!

The idea of the opposite is easy, we show picture in every level and you have to guess the antonyms of that image.

If you guess the opposite word of the image, you unlock the next level and getting bonuses.

The fun is guaranteed.

In this trivia, he player can use this points to use some hints and unlock the letters. We have two type of hints:

- Unlock the character of the word
- Unlock the picture word

The game itself is very addictive game and challenging one. People who love word guessing games and puzzles, will appreciate it. The idea is to guess the picture word at first and then understand what is opposite of that. It is not impossible, but very hard.

This Brain teasers will improve your creative thinking and dictionary as well.

Hint: guess the opposite always uses most creative answers, so think out the box to solve these riddles!

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