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Dinosaur games for kids age 5

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About Dinosaur games for kids age 5

Play funny and easy games with favorite dinosaurs! Designed for kids ages 2-5

Set off on an exciting journey with a new friend - Raccoon! Explore Dinosaurs World, help each of the dinosaurs break free from a block of ice, make friends with them and learn interesting things about them. They all want to be a part of your unique Dinosaur Park!

Application features:
- Play with 8 amazing dinosaurs
- Learn interesting facts about these amazing creatures
- Delight the dinosaurs with surprise gifts
- Feed the dinosaurs their favorite treats
- Engage in fun educational games
- Enjoy the colorful graphics and animations
- Use easy and kid-friendly controls
- Play offline

Dinosaurs came in a variety of sizes and shapes – some no bigger than a chicken, others taller than skyscrapers. We have chosen the most astonishing dinosaurs to introduce children to the prehistoric world!

This app is just perfect for preschool kids who love playing games and also like to know more about their favorite creatures – dinosaurs! Learning and remembering facts becomes fun when it is coupled with fascinating games that toddlers can play here.

Friendly dinosaurs are waiting for kids to play with them:
- Roar along with the mighty Tyrannosaurus
- Fly together with the Pterodactyl
- Catch fish with a Spinosaurus
- Climb to the top of a cliff with Dilophosaurus
- Play a melody with Parasaurolophus
- Help a Triceratops protect its herd
- Gather the most delicious leaves for a Diplodocus
- Collect some crystals together with an Ankylosaurus

Enjoy the fun graphics, cool music and sounds and learn a lot as well! The games are designed for improving memory, attention and hand mobility of toddlers.

The app also provides tips during gameplay that helps children learn about dinosaurs all by themselves!

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