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Cats the Commander

4.6 out of 5

About Cats the Commander

◆Intense strategic cat RPG◆
A super casual yet intense adorable cat RPG game!

▼ Accessible for everyone and every cats
Cats the Commander is a game that has a little bit for everyone! both humans and felines!
Come join us in the world full of adorable cats and recruit them to fight in your army!

▼ Simplistic and fun battle system
Customize your team and your special attack
Simply, Strategize and summon your cats to fight
Claw down your enemies until you reach the end!

▼ A new take on tower defense-type game
When you start there is no turning back
The cats will only charge forward and will not stop until they win their battle with glory!

▼ A world filled with infinite possibilities.....and cats
Mix and match your cats with different weapons and magic you gathered from your journey.
The possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination!
Create your fiesty feline army, sharpen those claws and go release all the Legendary cat heroes!

Free-to-play (in-game purchases included)

※※Our privacy policy※※
We respect the privacy of our users.
This game may ask you to allow access to your camera or microphone, however, they will not be used for any purpose other than game operations.

※This game and our company do not have anything related to "The Battle Cats" or its producer, PONOS Corporation.

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