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About Plant Nanny Cute Water Tracker

Essential to life, water is often under-consumed leading to dehydration, fatigue, skin problems, and other serious health issues. Address these problems with Plant Nanny, your cute and friendly hydration companion! This water reminder app motivates you to drink water daily and lets you grow adorable plants in parallel with your hydration journey.

◈ Why Choose Plant Nanny? ◈
With Plant Nanny, you and your digital plants thrive together! Drink water, hydrate your plant, and watch your personal greenhouse flourish. It's a fun, interactive way to ensure you maintain good hydration habits.

◈ Fresh and Engaging Features! ◈
1. Grow your favorites: With plants available in 3 difficulty levels, witness your hydration habits bloom.
2. Comprehensive Hydration Tracking: Monthly comparisons of your water intake, track your progress effortlessly.
3. Easy Editing: Quickly update your water logs for accurate data.
4. Motivational Visuals: Track progress with charming charts and engage in mini-challenges.
5. Greenhouse Creatures: Marvel as your plants thrive amidst beautifully designed greenhouses and captivating creatures.

And…stay connected with our cute water reminder widget for a quick glance at your hydration habits and plant health!

◈ Premium Perks for Hydration Enthusiasts
Upgrade to our premium subscription to unlock amazing features! Get double rewards, exclusive access to 5 hydration buddies, custom reminders with 7 unique plant personalities, an ad-free experience, and much more!

◈ Tailored Hydration Goals and Comprehensive Management
Customize your water intake goals based on your personal health data and exercise habits. Enjoy automated reminders, rewards for consistency, and motivating missions. Join the monthly Hydration Challenge for a chance to win gift boxes and rewards!

◈ Intuitive Charts and User-friendly Interface
*Graphics that progressively track your daily water intake
*Track your water consumption history and view daily, weekly, and monthly trends quickly
*Simple design and user-friendly interface, so you can easily build good habits

◈ Delightful and Animated Plants to Liven Up Your Day!
*Each glass of water you drink also waters the plants, so you can grow and thrive together!
*All kinds of special pots and containers. Develop your own cute plant family!
*Unlock and collect a variety of different plants, and even interact with mysterious new creatures!

Plant Nanny syncs hydration data with Apple Health.

▼Any questions or suggestions?
For queries or suggestions, go to Plant Nanny > Menu > Settings > FAQ. Still didn't find what you're looking for? Contact our “Garden Assistant” (customer service) via the envelope icon on the top right.

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Stay hydrated, stay healthy, and let's grow together with Plant Nanny!

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