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About Mira Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Mira predicts your ovulation and pinpoints your 6-day fertile window by learning about your unique cycle over time. All with 99% lab-grade accuracy.

With Mira, it’s all about accuracy, no guesswork — as it bases its predictions on your real-time hormonal data instead of estimative thresholds.

Mira was designed to be your guide through all stages of your fertility journey — whether you’re looking to use the natural family planning method (NFP), are trying to conceive (TTC), or want to manage hormonal imbalances or conditions like PCOS. Mira is here for you.

By pairing the Mira App with the Mira Analyzer and Fertility Wands, you can test your hormone levels through urine and get easy-to-understand, numeric results. Track Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Pregnanediol Glucuronide (PdG) concentrations. Get fertility scores and hormone concentrations after each test and easily compare your charts.

Get highly personalized fertility insights through time — every time.

Helped me see if I’m able to ovulate
by SophieBs
Really accurate, best purchase ever!

Best Device Ever
by cowboymovie123

I would give Mira a million stars if I could. After TTC for 7 months, I got pregnant on the first cycle with Mira. All the other apps (Flo, Ava bracelet, Clue) were a week off with ovulation dates. OPK test kits were all weeks off also. I never had a single problem with updates to my device. Only once had a wand that didn't work. It was annoying, but whatever, it happens. The only thing I would love is if they had customer service or doctors on hand to analyze my charts. Also, yes this is expensive but NOWHERE near expensive as the $2k I spent on just one bloodwork test. Do yourself a favor and make the investment before throwing money at doctors who cannot give you the amount of information Mira can.

The Mira App is not just another period tracker. With Mira, you can access your cycle analysis, ovulation, and fertile window predictions by tracking your fertility hormones.

Track your hormones
Increase your chances of conceiving by pinpointing your 6-day fertile window. Understand your hormone levels with Mira’s personalized insights

Get cycle predictions
Mira’s powerful AI algorithms learn about your body and make highly personalized predictions about your entire cycle. Get clarity and forget the guesswork

Plan for the future
Record health details, test, and get predictions based on your information. Track your menstrual cycle, get an inside look into your hormones, and make informed plans for the future

Track cycle symptoms
Record your basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus, and other cycle symptoms for exact predictions

Syncs automatically
Automatically sync your hormone data from the Mira Analyzer to the Mira App to check your scores, fertility charts, and cycle insights. No more inaccurate and hard-to-read over-the-counter fertility strips

Fertility Knowledge Base
Learn with Mira. Get access to our blog, exclusive webinars, and courses that include extensive education and tips to take control of your fertility!

The Mira Analyzer and Fertility Wands, categorized as medical devices, are FDA compliant and certified by CE. For users outside these regulatory territories, please consult with your doctors.

The Mira App, Analyzer, and/or Wands do not provide medical advice, and the products and services are not intended as a substitute for qualified medical advice. You are advised to consult with a physician before using the products and services or relying upon any information provided by the products and services to family planning, getting pregnant, or diagnosing any health condition. Any information provided to you via the products and services is based upon the predictive value assigned by third parties, and a user must draw their conclusions – in consultation with their doctors – about the medical implication of the information provided by the products and services

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