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Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

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About Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

Welcome to Piggy Go!
-This is a BOARD&SOCIAL free game.
-Join team, help each other and BECOME RICH TOGETHER!
-Collect gold coins and become rich beyond your wildest dreams!
-You can play the game for free and enjoy socializing and playing in a variety of ways!
-You can roll the dice on your board, steal gold coins, attack friends, teleport to your friends' boards and say Hello!
-There's even more colorful features and activities, cards, collecting, socializing, competitions, merge,character development and everything in between!
-In this crazy board game, anything is possible!
Colorful Board
Throwing DICE will yield treasures, which may be the following events!
- Gold Coins: Gold coins are used to build towns and LEVEL UP!
- Raid from VAULT: Epic treasures are often hidden in the VAULT, and if you're lucky you can trigger the Super Wheel, making you rich overnight!
- Attack the Enemy: Defeat your enemies, take back the treasure that should be yours!
- RV: Drive your RV to visit your friends' houses, help each other and upgrade together!
- Mysterious events: There are some mysterious events hidden on the board, what is it?
Collecting events
- Collect Cards to get rich treasures and speed up the town upgrade! Also each town upgrade brings better treasures, better enjoy the thrill of collecting!
- Collect Ingredients, make a feast and get the treasure!
Pipi Puzzle Shop
- Play the puzzle game and win limited edition skins for free!
Character Development
- You can unlock and upgrade your character to increase your earnings by Raid, Attack, and RV, and the higher your character level is, the more treasure you can get from per event!
- There are also colorful fashions, change your image as you like and be the best looking kid in the piggy bank!
Friendship interaction
Online groups and in-game unions trade cards and ingredients to speed up your collection! Join our interactive Facebook community, and we'll all play the game together!
Follow Piggy Go for exclusive offers and bonuses!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiggyGOTravel
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2100495096686698
Join the Community, Let's Play A Board Game!
Are you having problems?
Please contact us by sending a direct message to our Facebook Fan Page above, or email us at piggygo@forevernine.com.

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