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3D Earth & moon, sun and stars

4.5 out of 5

About 3D Earth & moon, sun and stars

The incredible real-time rendered the 3D Earth on your iPhone or iPad.
The powerful Apple Metal engine can make that amazing 3D Earth model and optic effects only.
Whole earth at your hands, billion stars, and galaxies.

- Real sun position
- Real moon position ( distance between earth not real )
- High-quality earth texture
- Texture bumping, you can see real mountains and hills on the earth
- Show your location ( geolocation service must be enabled at first run )
- Ultimate optic effects when the sun is shining to the camera
- Autorotate function, just swipe on the earth
- The earth atmosphere effect
- Real reflection of the water
- Real the space image with stars, milky ways, and galaxies

3D Earth & moon, sun and stars Screenshots